Rental T&C’s

Terms & Conditions

Renters/hirer contract agreement with T.G Commercials

When you sign the agreement you accept the terms and conditions set out in the contract rental agreement. Please read carefully, if there is anything you do not understand or need to clarify, please ask a member of T.G Commercials staff to explain.

Rental period

The period of hire will commence from the date and time stated until the vehicle is returned into the physical custody of T.G Commercials. We may agree to extend the period of hire but for no more than 30 days. If the vehicle is not returned by the agreed time and date the renter/hirer will be liable for all and any charges that are incurred thereafter until the vehicle is re-sold or re-rented.

Renters/Hirer Responsibilities

The renter/hirer is responsible for the vehicle and key and has a duty of care to maintain the vehicle whilst on hire to them and must by law be kept in a roadworthy condition at all times. The vehicle must be kept locked and any security device fitted to the vehicle must be used when the vehicle is left untended. All engine fluids must be checked before use and topped up if required with the correct fluids as per manufacturers operator’s manual. Lights, wiper blades and tyre conditions should be checked prior to use and replaced if not in a road worthy condition.
The renter/hirer must not sell, rent, lend or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. The renter/hirer must not give anyone legal rights over the vehicle. The renter/hirer must not let anyone repair the vehicle without T.G Commercials permission. If any works or repairs are required T.G Commercials must be informed immediately and the vehicle returned to us for inspection and authorisation before any work can be carried out. The vehicle must be returned to the place agreed by T.G Commercials renting office within office opening hours and checked/inspected by a member of T.G Commercials staff. In the event of the renter/hirer returning the vehicle outside office hours, the renter/hirer will remain responsible for the vehicle until arrangements made for the handover of the vehicle to a member of T.G Commercials. Out of hours can be made in advance for return and collection of vehicle with prior agreement. The renter/hirer is responsible for the vehicle until the vehicle has been handed back to T.G Commercials and is liable for any charges incurred up to this time. All personal belonging are the responsibility of the renter/hirer. T.G Commercials reserve the right not to be held responsible for any personal belongings left within the vehicle at any time. On return of the vehicle any items left within the vehicle will be disposed of and the renter/hirer will be charged for the disposal.

T.G Commercials Responsibilities

T.G Commercials will maintain and inspect the vehicle to a roadworthy condition in its pre-rental checks. T.G Commercials are liable for any loss caused by the vehicle not being in a safe, legal road worthy condition at the start of the agreement or not having the legal right to rent the vehicle.All repairs and servicing are to be carried out by T.G Commercials, unless authorised by T.G Commercials. All accident damage is to be authorised before repair goes ahead.

Damage & Condition        

The renter/hirer is responsible for all and any damage to the vehicle, whilst on hire to them, and will be charged for full cost of repair. By signing the contract agreement the renter/hirer give T.G Commercials authorisation to charge the renter/hirer and to proceed with any repairs that need to be carried out to return the vehicle back to the condition supplied prior to rental.


Due to health and safety, no animals can be carried within the vehicle unless secured within the correct transport cages. The renter/hirer will be responsible for any additional cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle.


All vehicles are strictly non smoking. The deposit will be withheld if there is any evidence of odours or this condition being broken i.e odours, staining, and ash cigarette residue.

Vehicle Modifications

No modifications are allowed in anyway with out consent of TG Commercials, in the event the vehicle has been modified the renter/hirer will be in breach of contract/hire agreement. TG Commercials will exercise the rights to cancel the contract of hire and remove the vehicle from renter/hirer.

D.E.O Regulations.

Vehicles must not be overloaded and it is the renter/hirer responsibility to ensure that it does not occur. Weight limits information can be sourced from the drivers hand book or a member of T.G Commercial staff. Heavy fines can be imposed by the Department of environment. All renter/hirers carrying waste materials must have obtained a transfer waste licence prior to hire.

Rates & Charges

T.G Commercials will be based on charge our customer tariff that will have been agreed with by both parties. Rates are subject to change without prior notification. The renter/hirer will pay the costs of the rental for the period stated on the agreement plus any additional costs for the loss and all damage to the vehicle. Any fuel that T.G Commercials has supplied at the start of the rental contract agreement which has not been replaced on return of the vehicle will be charged above the standard high street price.The cost of any damage which was not stated agreed and signed for by the renter/hirer on the damage report at the start of the rental period. The renter/hirer will be responsible for any loss of use of the vehicle owing to loss or damage to the vehicle.

Driving offences

The renter/hirer will be responsible for all fines, congestion zone charges, court costs and intended prosecutions for parking, traffic or any other offences are chargeable with administration fee of £ 35.00 + vat per offence.

The vehicle will be comprehensively insured by the renter/hirer and supply copy of insurance policy to T.G Commercials before hirer commences.


Drivers must be aged 23-75, additional drivers must be approved at the time of rental/hire. All drivers must hold a full UK valid driving licence and be a UK citizen. The license must have been held for a period of two years (full licence). MPV with up to eight seats (including driver) with five years driving experience (full licence). For minibuses and MPV’S with more than eight seats (including the driver) must have five years driving experience age limit 30 to 70 (Full licence required).Certain endorsements may be accepted at the discretion of T.G Commercials/Insurance Company. Additional forms of identification are also required i.e., utility bill, passport, both parts of driving licenses. All documents must relate to the renter/hirer’s address.

Foreign Travel

Vehicles may not be taken outside of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, without prior written authorisation. Vehicles going abroad must carry a green card which attracts a separate charge of £ 45.00 + vat. Proof of five star breakdown and recovery required for the duration of the visit.

Termination of rental

The agreement will be terminated if it is brought to the attention of T.G Commercials that assets have been removed or seized to settle outstanding debts, or receiving order has been made against you. In the event the company goes into administration or liquidation. Outstanding rentals monies due and vehicle being removed from the renter/hirer. In the event that the vehicle is being misused or driven in any way to cause damage to the vehicle. If the renter/hirer does not meet any of the conditions of this rental agreement.

Data Protection   

If the renter/hirer breaks the agreement we can give this information to the credit reference agencies, the driver and licensing agency (DVLA), debt collectors, relevant organization and hire companies. We also pass the information to the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) who passes the information onto all of its members for any purpose stated in the data protection Act 1984.

Rental contract period:

The date the vehicle being collected the ……….., the rental contract period is for twelve months and this period of rental contract can not be cancelled. The completion date of the rental period will be ……… In the event you breach this period of contract the vehicle will be returned and all out standing monies due will be collected in full to cover the rental contract period.


Before the commencement of rental, payment is required to cover the following, all anticipated charges including vat.

Acceptable payment methods

Bank transfer, credit cards and debit cards are accepted by T.G Commercials.

In the event you don’t understand the term and conditions within this contract agreement you have the rights to terminate the agreement before rental/hire contract commences.